Creativity and Innovation


Hi guys, today is 11th September 2017. Welcome to my first blog post!! Today I will tell you guys a story about my first Creativity and Innovation course at Murdoch University. The course name is fascinating, isn’t it? In this subject, we need to train our self to think outside the box. I have some assessments in this unit which include the reflective blog, using SCAMPER technique to generate ideas, etc. I think this lesson is going to be fun.

As we know, creativity is the ability to think of new ideas. On the other hand, Innovation is the ability to implement the ideas. If you are interested to know more about the difference between creativity and innovation, here is the link Check Me Out!. Well, in my opinion, to be creative is not something easy. You must able to imagine something that has never been deployed. Not only that, you must think in term of the ability to make the ideas work.

I am quite curious to see how creative am I. Thus, I decided to search for some quiz in google, and I found this quiz How Creative Am I?. There are around ten questions which you need to answer, based on your answer, it will calculate and show your score. If you are curious about it, you can test it out.



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